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Additional Guidelines for this sub-forum

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Hi everyone,


We have provided this new sub-forum to provide a convenient place to talk about topics relating to the Biomek product line, but which are not Beckman Coulter-provided goods or services.


So, if you are interested in asking about which third-party device to integrate for a particular application, this would be a great place to ask.


If you have a product or service relating to Biomek, you may post a message about it here. While this is not primarily an advertising forum, it is within the rules to put a note about it here. Please, don't duplicate your posts frequently.


We ask that all posts and replies stick to factual content, and avoid the types of discussion that could cause the sub-forum to come under scrutiny. So, for example, if someone asks:


"I'm interested in integrating a ZZZ-brand reader on my Biomek, does anyone have any experiences to share?"


...we encourage you to avoid a response like "ZZZ readers are awful." Rather, something on the order of "We've used ZZZ brand but found the software interface to be prone to crashes and the detection to be less sensitive than we expected."


So, stick to the facts, please!


As a reminder, this forum is moderated, and only topics that are related to Biomek in some reasonable way will be allowed here.


Based on the high quality and professionalism of posts on Club Biomek over the last two years, I am confident that this new sub-forum will be treated with the respect it deserves.




Marc A. Goldstein, Ph.D.

Product Platform Manager

Beckman Coulter, Inc.



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