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Problems with copying in Kaluza v2.1

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Hello everyone,

ich currently have the problem in Kaluza (v2.1) that sometimes when im copying gates from one graph to another that the gate is not at the same position in the other graph but around the value 0 (see image below).

The type and scaling of the axes are the same in both graphs. I have also often had the case that I could copy one graph correctly but then suddenly the second one was no longer correct.

Does anyone know the problem or a solution to the problem?

Thanks a lot


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Hi ChrisK,

I'm not aware that we have received any reports about this before. 

One work around would be to link the gates: right click on the gate in the second plot, select "Data" (the numeric keypad icon), select "Link To Gates..." and select the desired gate and data sets where the position is correct from the list.

Depending on your workflow it could also make sense to establish the gating on one data set, copy the protocol to all other data sets and only then create a Composite or try the batch analysis functionality.

If you could provide a bit more information, e.g. the instrument the files were acquired on, ideally anonymized exemplary data files and Kaluza log files to kaluza@beckman.com I'd be happy to take a look and see if we can identify what's going on.



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