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This error most frequently comes from using a different version of R than is specified. While it's possible to download the correct version, several of the necessary libraries won't work with the older version of R. We haven't found a way to specify to use the older library versions. We're looking for solutions currently; it may be necessary to release a new version of the R plugin.

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Hi, I posted some days ago a topic about building tsne in kaluza, essentially Im getting the message values cannot be null with the command text of the plugin. Can I get the command txt for building t-sne and umap somewhere in the page of beckman and colter?



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Hi Jesus,

it's not quite clear to me if you are asking about running Kaluza as Administrator in the context of installing plugins or if you are refering to the user management, so let me answer for both cases.

1) To install plugins in Kaluza Analysis software, you must be logged into Kaluza Analysis as an Administrator. to do so, select the Windows start button and right click the Kaluza icon. Select More and select Run as administrator.

If you are using the User Management feature in Kaluza, enter your established Username and Password into the login window (Figure 2.1) and then click Login, as specified in the Kaluza Analysis Flow Cytometry Software Instructions for Use (PN C10986, available for download on beckman.com - just search for the PN).

2) If your question is about giving your Kaluza user account admin rights, you (or the current admin) need to login to an account with Administrator rights in Kaluza, select the account in the upper right corner, select user management, select your user account from the list, select modify, set the Role to Administrator and select OK.

You can also get in touch directly with our Kaluza Tech Support team by submitting your questions here: https://www.beckman.com/flow-cytometry/software/kaluza/troubleshooting


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