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Biepxponential Transformation or Hyperlog scale option in Kaluza

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I was wondering if and where the option for using a hyperlog scale or display resuslts with the biexponetial transformation option as I have not found it so far. I know Flow Jo has this option and I was hoping Kaluza does also, so that I can adjust the plots and display a plot size that is representative of the cell count.

Thank you for any help!

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I apologize for the delay in approving your topic. Our forum system didn't notify me for some reason.


The "Logicle" transformation that Kaluza has is the biexponential transform, the same one from the Parks and Moore paper that most other packages use. Kaluza differs in that it locks two of the four parameters to make it easier to use, but generally speaking it gives the same results.

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