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X-Median calculation query (v2.1)

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There appears to be an issue with some of the calculated X-Median values. The attached picture shows data displayed using legacy mode (on data acquired with a FACSCanto II).


Looking at the B cells (blue histograms) the peaks are between 10 and 100 on the log scale so I would expect the X-Median values to be > 0.10. Given the T cells X-medians are 0.95 and they're in the lower decade, I struggling to work out how these values are arrived at. I presume the 20-bit bug issue has been addressed in this release. Is there something intrinsically different in the way the calculations are performed in this version?




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Median is the "middle value". When you have smaller quantities of data that don't form a clear distribution, the median can be surprising. I sent you a forum message with my email address. If you'll send me a copy of the .analysis this comes from, I'd be happy to look into it.



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