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Problem using Analysis files created using previous versions

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We are experiencing issues when we are using Kaluza v2.1 to open Analysis lists created in Kaluza v1.5a.


The fcs files were created by DIVA acquired using a FACSCanto II. FCS files were analysed and the original Analysis lists were created in Klauza v1.5a using the Legacy scale mode.


In brief, the Analysis List opens with all MFIs showing Full Range values, despite the fatc the FACSCantoII Scale mode indicates Legacy on the $CYT Defaults tab. (The same applies even if we set both the <Default> and FACSCantoII options to Legacy on the $CYT defaults tab in "Options and Defaults".)


In addition, statistical exports do not allow access to the filename - only the folder the file is exported to. The statistics (and information) file(s) created have very long names beginning with Dataset and Protocol names although they do finish with ... -statistics.csv


The only way we have found to change them to legacy is to scroll through each dataset individually and change it, we have been unable to apply any change form Opitons and Deafults. Applying a protocol created with the legacy scale option does not work either.


Is there an option we are missing that will allow us to open existing Analysis files retaining the original legacy scale mode? And is there a way to be able to export the statistics as a simple "statistics.csv" file as we could acccess to the staitics

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