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Backwards compatibility

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Terminology clarification:


Backwards compatibility is when newer software is compatible with older files. Kaluza is fully backwards compatible with older files going all the way back to v1.0.


Forwards compatibility is when older software can read files from newer versions, which may contain content that wasn't envisioned when the older software was created. This is what you're referring to in wanting to get v1.5a to open v2.1 files. Unfortunately Kaluza does not support forwards compatibility. That's a pretty rare capability; Office has some limited forward compatibility - that's the only package I'm familiar with that does.


If you want to get your Listmode files back out of an analysis, every analysis is really a zip file. If you put a .zip extension on it, you can open it and extract the listmodes. The protocol itself is also visible that way, it's a very complicated XML document.


In very limited circumstances we can convert newer files to older files. This is a semi-manual process and we typically reserve it for critical needs for one or two protocols.



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I've yet to see my last new topic I tried to post last week but there do appear to be a few issues with regards to Kaluza's "backwards compatibility" as defined in your post above. v2.1 treats existing analysis (created in earlier versions of Kaluza ie 1.5a) using the protocols created then, differently to how it treats newly created analyses using newly created protocols. We are currently unable to export statistics from older analysis lists due to the default naming convention resulting in files exceeding the maximum permissible file length in characters.

The only way around this appears to require us to re-create all the analysis protocols from scratch and re-analyse form the beginning.

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