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How can I get the Count scale (y-axis) for histograms in Kaluza to match the count scale for the same histogram displayed in DIVA.


At the moment creating a histogram in Kaluza opens with what appears to be a default 0 - 100 range and all counts appear to be scaled to this range. For example, DIVA (ungated/all event) histograms with a count for the peak bin(s) around 400 are shown with counts just over 95 in Kaluza. Notwithstanding the potential for slight variations in binning, how can I get Kaluza histograms to display a similar count to that displayed in DIVA?



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Hi Ernie, I've post a pic in the X-Median Calculation thread that shows some bars where the number of binned events isn't an integer. I assume the "count" values on the y-axis may be "scaled" and not represent the actual number of events in each bin - how do you 0.5 or 1.75 events in a bin? Kalzau does have the interesting feature that histograms are like dotplots and the counts scale on the left hand vertical axis can be changed to a number of different parameters (just like a dotplot). Are you able to elaborate on how the counts figure is derived for "histograms" please?

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