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Error Code 16019 on all plots

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Without more information it's difficult to say definitively what the issue is. That said, I can speculate.


That error message means that there is a term in your gating expression that isn't defined. For example, if you used a gate name "X" in your expression, but no such gate name existed, you would get that error.


Because you're using a composite, it's possible that the gate exists for some data files and not for others. The composite protocols are very useful for heterogeneous data sets, where you may have different gates per data file, but if you're doing homogeneous data analysis you likely want the same gates for everything. Could that be the problem?


FYI my recommendation for a workflow to work with homogeneous data is as follows:

1) Create your protocol for one data file.

2) Use Copy/Paste Special | Protocol to apply your protocol to your other data files.

3) Create your composite.

4) For each gate, use the Link functionality to link it to the same gate in all of the data files.

5) Make any adjustments to your gating as necessary.



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