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Protocols and linked plots

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I am building different Protocols right now, using LMD files, copying them into a Protocol with a Master Report Sheet. Then I safe them as new protocol regarding to the panel I used for the LMD file.

After that I want to use these "Panel specific" Protocols to analyze LMD files.


I saw that plots in my protocols (on the new plot sheet) show the linked "chain" symbol. Where are they linked to? Data from the first LMD file (that I used to build this protocol)?


I am afraid that my plots do not show the exact dataset when I drop a new LMD file to this protocol.


Hopefully you understand my concern.








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Hi Janina,


The linked icon just means "this plot is linked to another plot in the same protocol". What that means in effect is that if you make a change to one plot, the same change shows up in the linked plot. For example if you adjust a gate in one linked plot, the same gate change will appear in the other linked plot.


The most common usage for this is to have plot sheets with all of your plots, and then report sheets with a subset of those plots. Making those report sheet plots be linked to their plot sheet equivalents allows you to view your data in whatever sheet makes sense for your workflow and ensures that any changes you make in one spot will be reflected in the other.


Linked plots should only be created with the Paste As Link feature. If you don't want your plots to be linked you can just do a normal copy paste. Bear in mind though that if you do that within the same protocol and the plot has gates on it, the newly pasted plot will have new gate names because you've created new gates through the paste. This gate renaming doesn't happen with linked plots.

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