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How can I access the Event Sampling Mode?

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I have some LMDs that contain the maximum number of events and move very slowly even on a computer that's slightly above the recommended system configuration. I've just read about the Event Sampling Mode at https://www.beckman.com/support/faq/products/more-kaluza-performance (quoted below) but I couldn't figure out how to actually switch to this mode. Thank you!



Kaluza provides an Event Sampling Mode that allows you to optimize performance with large event files on sub-optimal computer workstations. It can be accessed from the Kaluza Options dialog via the main launch icon. This feature optimizes performance when moving gates or updating compensation by setting the application to temporarily decrease the number of events that appear on the plot.
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Hi Julie -- Thank you for your inquiry. The Event Sampling Mode was present in the earlier versions of Kaluza Analysis software but is no longer present in the current release version (1.5a). The website content referring to the Event Sampling Mode will be updated accordingly.


Please take a look at the Kaluza Analysis Help File accessed from the blue icon with a "?" located at the upper right of the Kaluza Analysis Software workspace. The Frequently Asked Questions section of this Help File (Kaluza Analysis Instructions for Use) includes some information on Kaluza hardware considerations for optimal performance.


I hope this helps. Thank you --Karen

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