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If a user define a Boolean gate, say a simple logic it seems that Kaluza redefine the gate at its own with a complex logic. This can be observed if one hoover over the input gate in plot sheets. When compared to what had been defined this seems very complex. Any explanation ?

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Boolean logic in an application like Kaluza can be very complex. To deal with this, Kaluza unifies all gating activities and processes them in a uniform manner. For example, even straightforward hierarchical gating is handled as Boolean AND gates. You can see this by hovering, as you've described, over a hierarchical gate several levels down.


To process Boolean gates efficiently, Kaluza runs an algorithm that reduces all Boolean expressions to a normal form. This allows the software to very rapidly calculate the Boolean populations. It also has some benefits when a somewhat redundant gate is created; if you make an OR gate of a bunch of gates that all derive from "A", the algorithm sees through this and your tooltip will just say "A".


There are tradeoffs to this, like for most things. One is what you pointed out; that sometimes the normal form is not how you're thinking of your logic. You can go through a lot of work to define layers of Boolean gates with logic that makes sense to you, and Kaluza may reduce this to a whole bunch of ANDs, ORs, parenthesis, and your basic regions. This is what you're seeing. It's unfortunate, but it's hard for us to avoid.


The other downside is that the algorithm that Kaluza uses is very computationally intensive and the performance scales geometrically with the number of unique terms in the Boolean expression. That's why there's a limit to the number of unique terms allowed; otherwise the software could appear to lock up for minutes at a time.

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Hello everyone,

Is there a maximum number of gates (terms) in the expression of a Boolean? in a test, the error code 16022 is triggered beyond 9...

In the same type of questions, about the limitations of the software, excuse me if it's not the right topic, but how many dot-plots is it possible to create at most on a sheet?

Thank you for your help !

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See the user's manual (C10986AB) pages xxxvii & xxxviii. Maximum number of gates in a Boolean expression is 16, maximum number of plots on a sheet is 200.


Remember, that it's not the number of terms you type into your Boolean expression that counts, it's the total number of terms required to resolve your expression. So if you have a singlets gate that feeds into a lymphs gate and everything derives from that, you've already used two of your sixteen

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