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Copying plot including region (with name) to new plot sheet

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Is there a way of copying a plot to a new plot sheet so the region/gate retains it name? At the moment it appears I have to give the pasted/identical region a new name which I then have to link to the original (even though it is the original on the same plot with the same dataset).



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Hi Dmitrij,

for a given data set Kaluza will force you to have unique gate names, which means that the only way to keep the same gate name is to paste the plot as linked.

This way, you are creating a duplicate of the whole plot and any changes to axes or the gate will automatically be applied to both. You will have some ability to uniquely customize the individual plots with respect to statistical results shown, display settings etc.

If you are looking for a way to apply the same gating strategy to multiple files, the workflow steps to achieve this are as follows:

- Load desired number of files into Kaluza Analysis list

- Build protocol with desired gating strategy on first file

- Select the first file in the Analysis List, right click and select "Copy"

- Select all other files in the Analysis List, right click and select "Paste Special" -> "Protocol" (alternatively, you can also drag and drop the New Protocol 1 in the Protocol column of the Analysis list). The gate name for any given population will now be the same across all data sets.

- To be able to view data from different data sets next to each other, select the desired data sets and select "Add selected to new Composite". In the new Composite the plot and report sheets for the individual files will be retained but you can use cut + paste to get them onto one sheet. 



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