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Display dynamic gate logic

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Is there a way to display dynamic gate logic in a stats box, i.e. linked to the Boolean gate formula as opposed to just freetext? Would ideally like to show a gate name on one column and the formula/logic on the other column.


I assume the string exists somewhere in the software as you can view the gate logic when you hold the cursor over a plot gate – that’s exactly what I would like to show in some stats boxes.


Have had a guess with ‘logic’ and ‘gatelogic’ and some variations but no luck.


Thanks in advance!

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Yes, was suggested by local technical rep but doesn't resolve my issue.


I have used 4 gates to define lymphocytes, then 3 gates to define a T cell subset [T AND (A OR B)]. With the Gate Stats plot, all seven gates are included; and with the way OR is used, the logic doesn't fit across one page!


However, I am looking to just display what is in the Boolean gate logic field so when report page printed out, any changes to the T cell subset formula are automatically updated.

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