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Updating Dongle/HASPkey for Kaluza Analysis

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Browse to http://localhost:1947Click on the "Sentinel Keys" link at the top left of the screen. Regardless of Kaluza version, the available keys should show up. If your dongle doesn't show up, try plugging it into a different USB port. Once you can get it to show up there, you should be able to access it from Kaluza.

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Kaluza v1.5a has new options for license management, some of which will be leveraged by upcoming offerings. You may need to configure these options. You need to get into the license configuration wizard. This is usually done by pressing a "Change" button, either in the About Box or in a prompt window. You should be presented with a list of 5 license options. In your case you need to pick "Use a dongle (hardware USB thumb) license". This will hopefully fix the issue for you.

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Hi Ernie,

I am having the same issue as Maree. The dongle shows up under "sentinel keys," but when I try starting Kaluza, a get an error code 11010 (there is no valid license in the inserted USB). The dongle works in the lab computer, however. When I click "change license", it says "no valid USB plugged into the computer." Could this have something to do with me using a free trial previously? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program, but that did not work either. 

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I‘m sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with your Kaluza license.

With respect to the free trial license, at any time during or after the free trial you should be able to Manage License … -> Change -> Select a license type.

Could you share some more details with us at kaluza@beckman.com, please?

I‘d like to know:

- The software version you are using (Kaluza C, the CE-IVD version, will not work with a Kaluza Analysis Dongle and vice versa)

- The license type, i.e. single user, network -> I can look it up if you share the serial number, you‘ll find this on a little sticker on the dongle

- the Windows version of the computer where the dongle is not working

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