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When Kaluza thinks that a number in the Information Table is a percentage, it tries to display it as such. For example 50% is really 0.5 as a number, but people want it displayed as 50. Functions like PCTGATED() return a value which is typed as a percent, so when they get displayed they get multiplied by 100 immediately before they're displayed. So if your gate1 returns a value of 50% and your gate2 returns a 10%, then Kaluza divides .5 by .1 and gives you a value of 5, which it then multiplies by 100 for display purposes giving you 500.


When your expression includes any non-percentage number, then the resulting value is no longer considered a percentage and so the final multiply by 100 for display purposes is no longer done. For the example above, that would give you 5 instead of 500.

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