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Kaluza license and kaluza 1.5a

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I have 2 main questions and hope you could help me about them;


1- I have downloaded the latest version of Kaluza to my laptop and it's working fine and much better than the 1.3 version. But the analysis files from the 1.5a version won't work on kaluza 1.3 version. Is there are any way to make them work?!


2- I lost my dongle USB license for Kaluza, how can I get a substitute one without paying additional fees?!



Best Regards,


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Hi Ahmed,


Generally speaking, newer versions of Kaluza are "backwards compatible" but not "forward compatible". In plain language that means new versions can read old files, but old versions can't read new files. If you didn't realize this and saved something critical in the new version, and this creates a hardship for you, then please send me a Private Message on this forum with your email address and I will contact you to see what can be done.


If you have lost your USB license device you should contact your Beckman Coulter sales or service representative.


Best regards,


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