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Overlay Markers Lin vs DataSet Log

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In Kaluza 1.5a, I'm trying to work out if I can link the overlay marker to linked dataset markers. However, the Overlay marker has linear values while the dataset marker is showing log values.




Is there an easy way to link these or at least get them to both have linear (or log) scales?



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There a change in v1.5 which comes into play here: The change of gate coordinates from a linear virtual "plot-space" to the coordinate system of the parameters. This change was made to allow panning and zooming without losing gate position. It also enables you to change axis settings without losing gate positions.


So what you're seeing is that your histogram is displaying the gate coordinates in the range of the parameter. The numbers there represent the actual event values which will be included or excluded from the gate. However, the overlay is still using the old system. That system is based on a linear 0 to 1024 scale which represents the position of the marker on the surface of the plot.


The reason that the overlay is still using the old system is that there is no guarantee that the overlaid parameters will be on the same scale. Another change in v1.5 is the ability to display scales and statistics in the native scales of the parameter. When this option is turned on, the overlay may show parameters with different scales so it isn't possible to express markers in native scales.


In your case, you're using the legacy display mode, so all parameters are scaled to the same range, so it would have been possible for us to allow you to have the overlay and gate coordinates in the same range. That would have enabled (in theory) linking between the two. We need to consider a flexible scaling mode for a future release, we will consider this capability at the same time.



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