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Kaluza 1.5 on VPN and Tesla Card Options

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Hi - I am posting this on behalf of my customer who is asking the following questions_


We currently have Kaluza 1.3 on perpetual licence which we are able to access via VPN:


1. Can you please confirm that version 1.5 will also be able to access via VPN?


2. Network Licence - is it also possible to access via VPN?


Tesla Card Options:

We routinely analyse a composite of 5 files of up to 200Mb for each file. We are in the process of upgrading our computers so would like to know the details of the 2 different tesla card options detailed on the BC website for Kaluza 1.5.


Thanks, Maree

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Licensing and VPN: If you have a licensing and network solution that works for you with v1.3, it will also work with v1.5. Version 1.5 has an additional licensing setup dialog which you may see, in anticipation of some future licensing options, but the underlying technology remains the same.


Tesla Card: The website is likely a bit out of date. The technology changes so quickly that it is difficult to keep current. I would recommend that you just buy the workstation and the Tesla card together. Most major PC vendors have a workstation class computer with a Tesla card as an option. All the Tesla cards now are ridiculously powerful, so just get the cheapest one you can find. It will be more than powerful enough.

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