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Kaluza Network Licensing options

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Hi Ernie


Are you able to please provide details on the options available with respect to networking Kaluza. At the moment we are looking for something that would allow say, 10 concurrent users across 3 different labs (in three different states) with the potential to upgrade if/when other labs come on-line. Are there details available on what sort of IS infrastructure is required?





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Hi Ian,


Do those labs share an intranet connection? If so, you can just put a license server at one of them and point the clients to it. This is in fact how Kaluza is licensed within our own company. Kaluza licenses work on a concurrent use model, so you can have an unlimited number of installs provided only the licensed number of users are active at one time. We have a 10 user license available. If you want to add more capacity later you can add licenses in 5 and 10 user increments, either to the main license server or to new servers. (Using multiple servers provides a degree of redundancy.)


We're planning additional licensing options for the future as well. I'm happy to answer any further questions you may have.



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