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Kaluza Batch Process Activity Vs REMISOL Advance* Data Manager

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Someone can tell me how I can export by the "BATCH PROCESS ACTIVITY" from Kaluza in the Remisol software ?

I can export patient result 1 by 1 by the EXPORT> EXPORT SELECTED STATISTICS or 1 patient result by the "BATCH PROCESS ACTIVITY"

So, I'm not able to export more than 1 patient result by the "BATCH PROCESS ACTIVITY" :
Indeed, CSV file generated by Kaluza contain several lines, and each line is one patient with his own identification number.

Upon arrival in REMISOL, I have an error message that tells me that I have several identification number for one single patient.


How can i configure Remisol to consider each line of the CSV file as 1 patient?

Thank you,

Best Regards,

Mickael ... belgium


Kaluza V1.2 / Remisol V1.6.9.1

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