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i5 and i7 core processors and Kaluza Analysis

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I have been asked if the new i5 or i7 core processors will avoid the need for a Tesla card when running 2-3 million events in Kaluza 1.3. Secondly, when will there be a software licence key rather than the current dongle





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Hi Maree,


Yes, it is possible that a newer CPU combined with Kaluza v1.3 will give acceptable performance when running 2-3 million events. It depends on the number of parameters and the protocol in use. A five color file should be no problem. A thirty color file with all bi-exponential axes would likely be a problem. The number of available CPU cores matters greatly as well. More cores makes Kaluza go faster. The Lenovo computer that's delivered for the Kaluza for Gallios software would have no problems with a 2-3 million event file under most circumstances, and that's without a Tesla card. (Although that computer supports one if one is desired.)


I can't comment on the availability of a software-based license at this point in time, sorry.



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