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K-G data scaling in Flowjo v10

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The data from the Gallios (for area parameters) ranges from 0 to 2^20-1. On a log scale, this means that the top end of the range is a little less than 10^6. If you choose to display 4 decades, that makes the lower end of the range about 10^2, with the lowest two decades hidden. (It's best to hide these decades as they can suffer from picket-fencing artifacts on a log scale.) So what FlowJo is showing is a true representation of the actual data.


Kaluza Analysis and Kaluza for Gallios scale this data down so the statistics and ranges align with previous systems. No resolution is lost in this process, it's just dividing everything so the numbers are smaller.


If you want your FlowJo data to match what you're seeing in Kaluza for Gallios, FlowJo has features to achieve this. I can't provide support for FlowJo, but I can get you started:


This link demonstrates what I was talking about with the 10^6 range (although it doesn't solve your problem):



This link talks about changing plot scaling. The example is for files from our MoFlo system, but the same principle should apply to Gallios files as well. Just set the max range value to 1024 and the min range to 0.1024:




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