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I am trying to add a Lymphosum to our data table,like cd3+cd19..etc but I don't know the formulae and was trying my best but ikaluza keeps me giving an error code might be due to some thing wrong with equation.

Error code:..... But how can I track this code to get my equation right? Help menu have no error code dictionary.



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Without more specifics it is difficult to give you detailed directions, but I can offer some general advice:


1) Use the UI to add a line for each statistic that will be a term in your expression. So for example you'd add a line for the count of CD3, and another for the count of CD19, plus more lines for whatever other populations you want. You also need the count for whatever parent population you want the percentage to be relative to.

2) For each of these lines, click on the right side to display the equation. Select the text and copy it to the clipboard. An easy set of keystrokes to copy to the clipboard is Home, Shift-End, CTRL-C.

3) Paste each line into a Notepad session. This will make it easier to see everything.

4) Use that notepad session to construct the formula you want. It probably looks something like: =(COUNT("CD3", 1)+COUNT("CD19", 1))/COUNT("Lymphs", 1) You can wrap the whole thing in a PCT() function to make sure that Kaluza knows it's a percentage.

5) Copy your new expression back to a line in your information plot.


I hope this helps.



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