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Attaching new Compensation settings to the LMD file

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Can you help with the following


An LMD file is acquired on the Navios with compensation settings for acquisition. These compensation settings are saved with in the FCS file with the LMD file. If I then apply new compensation settings in Kaluza to the same LMD file, how can I then "attach" these settings to the LMD file? Can I record the compensation settings in Kaluza in Excel or a QC file?


This is for file review so I can see from a printout/report where the compensation settings came from


Hope this makes sense



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Hi Maree,


If you save the file as a Kaluza .analysis the new compensation settings will be saved as part of the .analysis.


You can also save your compensation settings as text. (It's an option in the save compensation dialog box.) Once you've done this you can load the compensation settings in Excel.


Hope this helps,


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