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Hello all,


Just wondering if someone can help me find more information about "Auto Fluorescence Vector" embedded in Kaluza. It is embedded in compensation pane and in my case some time shows a consistent value usually 0.3 in entire column.


I want to know the details of this feature as there is a very short feature in help menu.

Is this can be used to design a panel ? what this value actually means ? and also why it is a constant numeral ?






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Hi MG,


The auto fluorescence vector is described in the paper "Fluorescence Spectral Overlap Compensation for Any Number of Flow Cytometer Parameters" by Bagwell et al.


The value is expressed in the same 0 to 1024 scale that Kaluza uses for all of its stats and plot axes. The 0.3 value (actually 0.03) you're seeing is really 0.0309 and corresponds to the center of the first decade. Most Beckman Coulter flow cytometers standardize the autofluorescent population to the center of the first decade, and so this value corresponds to that. If your autofluorescent population is actually in a different location you can use the "Positive-Negative" method in a Kaluza compensation to calculate a specific autofluorescence vector value.



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Hi all,


I've just started using Kaluza 2.0 (very much liking it, I'd been wishing for some of the new features!). With my FCS I can now display the same scale as the non-Beckman-Coulter instrument used to acquire them (0 to 262,144) instead of Kaluza's 0 to 1024 - just to confirm, this means that the autofluorescence can now be calculated using this maximal value of the scale, i.e., Autofl.% = (Median of negative population/262,144)*100; is that correct? Thank you!

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