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I try to create differents gates on Kaluza 1.2 and Kaluza 1.3 and some boolean gates :
debris = A AND B AND C AND D AND E
cells = NOT debris
I want to create a new boolean gate :
CELLS and not (F or G or H or I or J or K).
The others gates are done on the differents graphs gated relative to the each other.
When I creates the last gate, the software is switching off.
I don't understand why. Is there a limit number of gates ?




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Hi Annabelle,


There are limits on the number of terms in a boolean expression, and it is based on the number in the full expansion. So in your example, your new gate has six terms PLUS all the terms that are included in CELLS. That would take the total to eleven if I'm counting right. However, it could be even higher. If one of your boolean terms (say B for example) is gated on another gate, then that parent gate is also included. You're pretty close to the limit.


What do you mean by "the software is switching off"? If you mean it's disabling the gate, that is correct behavior for when you reach the term limit. If you mean that it's crashing, that should not happen and we'll need to get some more information from you.



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Hi Ernie,


I understand that we have too much of gates in our boolean expression. But do we have an other solution to see our population ? With the tree plot ?


When I say "the software is switching off", I mean the soft is crashing. We have to start again Kaluza software. What information do you need ?



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