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Custom stats formulas as default options?

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Is there a way to save a custom created formula as a default option? Ie. I'm routinely looking at signal to noise ratio, and for each sample I have to copy/paste the formula and edit the data set number and/or flourescence parameter... I was hoping there was a way I could save the formula as a generic one (ie Median of A / Median of B) and then use it across any composite and just apply it to the particular fluorescence parameter and data set I'm interested in at that time (from the drop down menu when you add a statistic to an information table). Obviously this would require my having the right gate names (eg "pos" and "neg" in the data set).


Is it possible in Kaluza to quicken this process for me (ie customising and saving formulas for statistics analysis)?



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Hi Nat,


Unfortunately you need to edit each formula individually in the current version. Obviously, copy and paste are some help. You might be able to use Excel to create formulas but you can't avoid the individual copy/paste. I have added your request to our list.



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