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Kaluza 1.3 - Changes to Banded Colouring settings

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I have a protocol that was created in V 1.2 and uses Banded colouring plots, the colours and contouring which I am happy with. The files that are typically played back through the protocol are around 1.5-2.0 million events, of which many are RBC - need to capture the nucleate RBC


With V 1.3, the contour appearance has changed dramatically, as expected, and I now need to change the settings on each plot in each protocol (bit of a pain!). However I note that when I create a new protocol with banded colouring in V1.3, I need to reset the banded colouring settings each time,


Is there a way to save the Banded Colouring settings? For e,g, the best settings are 5-14-17-26. Can I save these as a default ?



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