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Problem with Kaluza v 1.3 and Batch Process Activity

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I got a big problem with the new Kaluza software and the batch process analysis. First of all I need to say that I like the new version very much. I just installed it 2 days ago and played around with some of the new features. I love that manipulating gates is much faster than before, even with high amounts of events (although loading new datasets into Kaluza now takes forever). Also I love it to adjust the logicle scales for every parameter in composite analyses and exclude the "All gate" in gate statistics.


But today I ran into a huge problem with the batch process analysis function. Setting up a new batch process is no problem but an error occurs when I want to cascade compensation values to the next analysis ("Insuifficient matching detectors found between the comensation values in..." (and then it lists all analyis files). This error even occurs when I load the same analysis file twice. Normally I transfer parameter and compensation values from one composite analysis to the next (same measurements, different samples) and never had a problem with that.


Is this a known issue? Could you help me fixing it? I really hope so, because filling in all compensation values manually would consume a lot of time.


Many thanks in advance!


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To close this loop, Paul discovered a bug where a file that can't be compensated (one or zero fluorescent parameters) causes the batch processing to stop when compensation cascading is enabled. This has been captured in our systems and we'll likely fix it the next time we update Kaluza Analysis. The workaround is to increase the number of fluorescent parameters to at least two. This can be done by acquiring more parameters, or by taking non-fluorescent parameters (such as TIME) and changing their type to fluorescent in the parameters pane.

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