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Axis shift with MoFlo XDP data

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I am a new user to Kaluza and I'm experiencing some problems. The data that I import into Kaluza, from a MoFlo XDP, is being displayed with the axis shifted by 2 log decades. My axis therefore runs from 10-2 instead of 100. This obviously impacts on the median values and the dot plots.

Any ideas as to why this is occurring and more importantly how I can put it right?

Is there some settings that I'm missing or is there something amiss with the data files from the MoFlo?

All help gratefully received.



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Hi Jayson.


Kaluza has a feature that makes it easier to directly compare measurements with different ranges; be they between measurements like area and height, or between instruments with different ranges. To achieve this, all data is scaled to a 1024 range. While this does make it easier to compare data with disparate ranges, it makes it more difficult to compare results between Kaluza and other packages. While we may in the future add the ability to turn this feature off, currently there is no way to do so.


While there's no work-around for plot axes, for statistics there is. You can create an information plot with the statistics you want and then edit the statistic expression to add a multiplier of the appropriate size. For example, if you had a median from a system with an 18-bit range, you'd multiply by 2^18 / 2^10 which is 2^8 or 256. You should be able to determine the correct multiplier for your XDP files and create an information plot with the data you want, scaled to matching ranges. Please note that the statistics likely won't match to the last decimal place; there are subtle difference between how Kaluza and Summit calculate statistics.



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Hi Ernie

Thank you this confirms what my rep has told me at least in regards the statistics.

However the problem of the dot plot still remains. This means that any plots that I show as part of a publication will show a disparity between the values obtained within the statistics and the axes displayed on the images.

Obviously as a Researcher I need to publish my findings and this is a difficult obstacle that needs to be addressed. The data I have collected covers 5 log decades 100 to 105. In Kaluza the data is displaying from 10-2 to 103. So the discrepancy is extremely obvious. I think this is a problem that the software guys definitely need to rectify and I feel that speed is of the essence.

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