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Number of cells to display

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Hi , I'd like to know if kaluza has a function to control the number of events to dysplay like Summit or cxp. I wonder that because, as the software allows you to play a litle with the time,, I thought we could set a limit of cell dysplay. It would be very confortable for instance, when you have to compare gross tissue because its almost impossible to have a clear idea of what you have before carefull analysis and then in many cases I discover that some samples have 2-3 times more cells read than some others and it gets hard to convince people at a first look of your dot plots even though the percentages show the result.



Thank you very much


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Hi Douglas. Currently the only way to limit the number of displayed events is to gate off of another parameter, such as TIME. This is a commonly requested feature and so is likely to be implemented in a future release.



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