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Kaluza Analysis v1.3

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Kaluza Analysis v1.3 has been released. All new copies of Kaluza Analysis from this point forward will be v1.3. The update will be available soon for free from our website. Alternatively you can obtain a v1.3 demo CD from your Beckman Coulter sales rep. The demo CD is identical to the main product CD, but it does not include a license.


Your existing Kaluza Analysis license will continue to work for v1.3. Also, v1.3 includes a fresh 30-day demo license in case you want to try it again on a computer you have previously tried Kaluza on. Finally, the demo license is now usable on virtual machines; making it easier to test-drive Kaluza on Macs running VM software such as VirtualBox.


Please note that v1.3 will load v1.2 files, but the reverse is not true. Files saved by v1.3 can only be loaded in v1.3.


Kaluza Analysis v1.3 primarily contains changes to support our new Kaluza for Gallios software. However, there are a handful of minor improvements, and all known problems have been corrected. As your sales rep for more information about the improvements.

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