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Goto Page and Color Alarm

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Does Kaluza have the ability to refer to each display page by page number? Can I select a blank page and call it PAGE 1 and select certain key plots and have them display on PAGE 1?


Does Kaluza software allow the user to set a color alarm? If a certain value being measured is lower than expected or higher than desired, to have that amount show in a certain attention-getting color or even flash.



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Hi Peter


I'm not certain what you're asking in your first question, I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "page". There are two related concepts here: First is that Kaluza lets you have multiple sheets, similar to Microsoft Excel. These sheets can be renamed and ordered. You can use the Paste Link feature to have the same plots on different sheets without affecting the gate names. The second concept is that there are two sheet types: Plot sheets automatically arrange the plots for you. This saves you work when at the cost of control. Reports sheets show you pages at the size of the selected paper size, and allow you control exactly how the plots are laid out. There is a page number display at the bottom of each sheet automatically, you can edit it by pressing the "Edit Master Page" button.


The most common way these features are utilized is to have a series of plot sheets with your primary gating and some secondary plots for information, and then one or more report sheets with key plots and exactly the information you're usually interested in. The best way to create this is to get the information you want on your plot sheets, and then copy some plots you want and use Paste as Link to create mirrors of those plots on one or more report sheets. Then arrange the information on the report sheets to be laid out in the manner that makes the most sense to you. It's important to use Paste As Link and not Paste, otherwise any gates on the pasted plots will get new names. Within this context, could you please clarify your question?


Regarding your other question, no Kaluza does not currently allow you to set a color alarm. This is something that we considered adding when we added the expression system for the Information Plot. I do not believe that this is part of a currently planned release, but it is definitely possible that we may add it at some point in the future. I can speculate how you might use a feature like this, but maybe you could tell me what you have in mind?



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