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forwarding error messages from cytometer

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I wasn't sure where to put this question as there is only a Kaluza subforum in the Research Flow Cytometry Forum. Anyhow, I was wondering if it is possible to forward error messages from the Gallios cytometer or its application software to e.g. a phone or email. And if that is not possible, wouldn't that be a great option for a future update of the aplication software?


For measuring lots of samples the worklists are just great. You load the carousel with up to 32 samples and just walk away and may do somthing else. The gallios does the rest. But from time to time a small error like "sample tube pressure error" keeps the cytometer from going on. Simultaneously you are in another room doing something else and only checking your timer occasionally. Then 45 minutes later you return to load the next batch and recognize that only 3 samples were measured. And at the end of a day this could have cost a lot of time. If now there would be a possibility that the gallios just sends a message (to your phone or mail) you could save a lot of time.


Is something like this planed? Looking forward to get some comments on this.


Best regard,


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Hi Paul,


Great suggestion. I'll enable your post for this forum; should we get more like it I'll have them create an appropriate home for them.


We've captured your suggestion in our feedback database. The walk-away capability of the Gallios is a great aspect of the system, so suggestions like yours are very welcome.




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