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Inclusion of statistics from Overlay Marker into Information Plog

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1.How do I include the statistics from a "marker" drawn on the Overlay plot into my Information plot? There is no option to include these statistics


2. Can I link the overlay marker from the Overlay plot to a single parameter region?





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Currently there is no way to directly include overlay marker statistics in an information plot. This might make for a very complicated information plot formula.


There is also no way to link overlay markers to linear regions, although that one is on our request list.


You should note that it is possible to copy and paste regions, and you can paste markers in as linear regions and vice-versa. By linking linear regions together and then copying and pasting one of them into an overlay as a marker you can ensure that your statistics match between the overlay and the single parameter histograms. Clearly it would be less work to have the options you suggested be available, but at least the copy and paste approach is better than eyeballing it.



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