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Invitrogen / Life Technologies - loading E-PAGE 48-well gels, with Biomek FX


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I'm looking to load some invitrogen 48-well gels using a Biomek FX; however, I contacted the manufacturers and they only provided labware specifications for the 96-well versions of these gels (which don't provide sufficient resolving power for our needs).


Has anyone ever generated or obtained labware specification files for these 48-well gels? I'm having difficulty making a custom object in a way that all of them can be reliably pipetted into using the span-8.


(two problems: I can't seem to do a negative offset on the Y axis, and I'm having trouble getting the well dimensions and spacing to be sufficiently accurate.)



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Hi there!


I have made a program to load 100 well hand-poured agarose gels. You have to be very careful how you define your labware. We taught the gel holder as a piece of labware that you can place on a couple of ALPs, which reflects reality. The negative offset was placed in the Deck Editor under Per-Labware Offsets. We found that we actually had to make the gel-holder labware larger than reality and make the offsets correspondingly large enough to cover adjacent ALPs to prevent users from thinking that they could put labware next to the gel holder. I also had to use scripting to greatly increase the SafeHeight for the ALPs the the gel was mounted on. Don't forget to have a script at the end to re-set the SafeHeights when you're done! Lastly, we have found that it is a pain to load these gels with the Span8 because it is challenging to keep the Pod aligned. If you would like any more information, please don't hesitate to contact me.



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