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Barcode Types in LabelMark Software


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I've just installed my new bar code label printer (Brady TLS PC Link) and software (by LabelMark), and one of the choices I need to make is Bar Code Type. {I have the standard (I guess) bar code readers on my Cytomats to track and record my tips and plates.}

The choices I am offered are:


Code 39

Code 39 Full ASCII

Code 93

Code 93 Full ASCII


Interleaved 2 of 5



Data Matrix

Code 128


The ones in italics seem to give the type of bar code that looks most familiar, but I don't know if a certain type is required to be read by the reader. Any ideas here?


Thanks so much,


UH, Houston, TX

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Depending on what information you want to print, have a look at code 128 as well. It could have a higher density if using numeric blocks (it combines two digits into one code-character) so the code becomes shorter...




I've tried the five listed above in italics, and still get no read in my report. However, I inherited a few cases of Greiner 384-well plates with barcodes, and the BCR reads those just fine! A jpg of one of the successful labels is attached.


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After about 40 different combinations, here's what I came up with:

Code Type: Code 39

But here's what makes it work:

Density is 0.009 or higher.

Barcode works best when it is the entire height of the label (or in my case, 0.215 inches.)

I used a very short string for my barcode value, with no spaces, to make it as compact as possible (P01PW10 = Plate 1 of the Prestwick Chemical Compound Library, 1:10 dilution). Don't include text as part of the barcode (choose "none" on text location option of the barcode), but add it as a separate text box, wrapped, so that more info or spaces makes it readable to humans; I used "PL01 1:10d PW" and the date 02/25/2011 beneath, all in a nice tight font called Agency FB, font size 6, bold.

Now, not only can my barcode reader read the labels, but I can, too, as well as anyone working with me in my projects.


(I'm not seriously the first one to have to go through this, am I? Or am I the only person using custom barcode printed labels with my FX?)

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Great to hear you got it working! Sorry that we weren't more help immediately - but I'm glad you put your settings here so that anyone else looking to do the same will have a great starting place.


The cytomat uses a 3rd party barcode reader, and we chose it because it is pretty bullet-proof. As you found from the Greiner plates, barcodes generally "just work". However, from your description, it sounds like with a low-density, the barcodes were too long for the laser to fully read. I've added this to our bug tracking database, since it should have been easier for you.



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