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automation of 454


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So I'm in a lab that is trying to ramp up it's 454 throughput. Is there anyone out there that has automated some of these steps? I know agencourt has made some changes to the protocol to integrate the Biomek, but they are currently unable to share suggestions or support. Does anyone out there have info they're willing to share?


I've got a pgm to help aliquote the emulsion oil from the microfuge tube post tissuelyser to a 96 well plate for cycling. That will help a little. But there has to be more. One step that would be great to eliminate is the syringe use for combining the emulsion products post pcr. Tips don't seem to quite get enough and too much oil is left behind with just transfer steps. I heard of people spinning the plates upside down? but I don't know what they're using as a base. The reservoirs I tried only lead to a clean centirfuge bucket. ;)


any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated



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