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  1. Hi, Kaluza 2.1: generally it's possible to input our own parameter's description in: Parameters Pane -> field 'Description' (next to the 'Name' field). Unfortunately these custom descriptions are are not saved in the protocol. Is there an other way to save such the descriptions for next batches/analyses? With no source fcs file modification, of course... Thanks in advance, Michal
  2. Hello, I've installed Kaluza on Win10 ver. 1803, 16GB RAM. The software works perfectly until I try to play with radial menu of the plots: after right-click opening and next closing this menu the Kaluza unexpectedly closes and exits to Windows. It happens on any plot/histogram, regardless of action I've done or not in the radial menu. I'd be obliged for any advice how to solve this issue. Regards, Michal
  3. Hi, After opening radial menu (right click on ANY histogram) and next closing it -> Kaluza blows up into WIndows with an 'error code 99999' notification. OS: WIn10 Home, ver. 1803 Is there a way to fix this issue? Thanks in advance, Mike
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