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  1. Hi We are suddenly experiencing issues with some data missing after export from information tables. In the attached pic, some of the data displayed in the Information Table (circled red) doesn't appear in the exported Information csv file. Does the export retrieve the data using a different process to the one used to generate the Information table within Kaluza? How can we get the mising data included in the export? Regards Ian
  2. Hi Ernie, I've post a pic in the X-Median Calculation thread that shows some bars where the number of binned events isn't an integer. I assume the "count" values on the y-axis may be "scaled" and not represent the actual number of events in each bin - how do you 0.5 or 1.75 events in a bin? Kalzau does have the interesting feature that histograms are like dotplots and the counts scale on the left hand vertical axis can be changed to a number of different parameters (just like a dotplot). Are you able to elaborate on how the counts figure is derived for "histograms" please?
  3. Hi There appears to be an issue with some of the calculated X-Median values. The attached picture shows data displayed using legacy mode (on data acquired with a FACSCanto II). Looking at the B cells (blue histograms) the peaks are between 10 and 100 on the log scale so I would expect the X-Median values to be > 0.10. Given the T cells X-medians are 0.95 and they're in the lower decade, I struggling to work out how these values are arrived at. I presume the 20-bit bug issue has been addressed in this release. Is there something intrinsically different in the way the calculations are performed in this version?
  4. Hi I've yet to see my last new topic I tried to post last week but there do appear to be a few issues with regards to Kaluza's "backwards compatibility" as defined in your post above. v2.1 treats existing analysis (created in earlier versions of Kaluza ie 1.5a) using the protocols created then, differently to how it treats newly created analyses using newly created protocols. We are currently unable to export statistics from older analysis lists due to the default naming convention resulting in files exceeding the maximum permissible file length in characters. The only way around this appears to require us to re-create all the analysis protocols from scratch and re-analyse form the beginning.
  5. Hi We are experiencing issues when we are using Kaluza v2.1 to open Analysis lists created in Kaluza v1.5a. The fcs files were created by DIVA acquired using a FACSCanto II. FCS files were analysed and the original Analysis lists were created in Klauza v1.5a using the Legacy scale mode. In brief, the Analysis List opens with all MFIs showing Full Range values, despite the fatc the FACSCantoII Scale mode indicates Legacy on the $CYT Defaults tab. (The same applies even if we set both the <Default> and FACSCantoII options to Legacy on the $CYT defaults tab in "Options and Defaults".) In addition, statistical exports do not allow access to the filename - only the folder the file is exported to. The statistics (and information) file(s) created have very long names beginning with Dataset and Protocol names although they do finish with ... -statistics.csv The only way we have found to change them to legacy is to scroll through each dataset individually and change it, we have been unable to apply any change form Opitons and Deafults. Applying a protocol created with the legacy scale option does not work either. Is there an option we are missing that will allow us to open existing Analysis files retaining the original legacy scale mode? And is there a way to be able to export the statistics as a simple "statistics.csv" file as we could acccess to the staitics
  6. Is there anyway protocols, analyses, composites etc created in v2.1 can be accessed by earlier versions (specifically) 1.5a. At the moment we are frustrated by what appears to be a lack of backwards compatibility.
  7. Hi The paste from spreadsheet option (under edit in Kaluza V2.0) for the Information Table is grayed out/unable to be activated. Other than matching column header/names, are there any additional requirements that have to be met to access this option.
  8. Hi How can I get the Count scale (y-axis) for histograms in Kaluza to match the count scale for the same histogram displayed in DIVA. At the moment creating a histogram in Kaluza opens with what appears to be a default 0 - 100 range and all counts appear to be scaled to this range. For example, DIVA (ungated/all event) histograms with a count for the peak bin(s) around 400 are shown with counts just over 95 in Kaluza. Notwithstanding the potential for slight variations in binning, how can I get Kaluza histograms to display a similar count to that displayed in DIVA?
  9. Hi The Sentinel runtime setup keeps stalling half way through the final SafeNet setup module. I'm trying to set Kaluza up on a single PC running Windows 10. Is there a way to identify the hurdle so I can find a way around it? Chees
  10. I'll try email. I believe I have your email from a conversation we had several years ago.
  11. I'm having trouble getting the correct statistic into an Information Table. In the attached pic the X-median values for the first two histograms are OK, but the 0.07 value in the FITC-A histogram is shown in the table as 0.41. Is this a "minimum value" to display issue or is there someway I can get the stats shown in the histogram to appear in the Information plot?
  12. Hi Is there a way of copying a plot to a new plot sheet so the region/gate retains it name? At the moment it appears I have to give the pasted/identical region a new name which I then have to link to the original (even though it is the original on the same plot with the same dataset). Cheers
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