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  1. We decided to use similar plates that look more like a 384-well plate. They still have 1 large reservoir and three smaller ones, but in a square. We can fill the large reservoirs using the Biomek's 96-channel head (treating it as a 96-well plate) and then fill the small wells using another instrument (a LabCyte Echo that's ideal for hit-picking very small volumes).
  2. Does anyone have any experience using a crystalography plate on a Biomek FX with a 96-well head? A scientist here asked if we have a robot capable of filling these plates: http://hamptonresearch.com/product_detail.aspx?sid=182&pid=82 They're a 96-well format, but within each well area there is 1 reservoir and 2-3 smaller wells (smaller than the wells of a 384-well plate) which hold at most 1-2ul. They would be filled with a combination of solvent (stamped from a source plate using the 96-tip head) and protein (from a tube, using one or more Span-8) tips. Has anyone done this? I don't know what level of accuracy we need, but it doesn't need to be too accurate.
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