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  1. Hi, I posted some days ago a topic about building tsne in kaluza, essentially Im getting the message values cannot be null with the command text of the plugin. Can I get the command txt for building t-sne and umap somewhere in the page of beckman and colter? Thanks Douglas
  2. Dead KAluza team. i was trying to buld a Tsne and the command that comes in a Txt file with the R-plugin just comes creates the error (values cannot be null). This indicates that there might be a mistake in the command. Could you please check and if so send me the right command for me to add? I send the script attatched Thanks in advance Douglas
  3. Dear Beckman Coulter team, My name is Dougls Pinheiro and I work at UCSF as a postdoctoral fellow, I would like to recieve some help wirh the R-plugin to build some t-sne and u-map graphs from my previouse experiments. I downloaded the plugin and pasted into the kaluza directory but I do not know how to proceed from there. Do you have a webnar or any manual of instructions to help me out? I thank in advance any guidance you could provide. Kind Regards Douglas
  4. I am having the same problem with density plots and several configurations, the software just crashes continuously...
  5. Dear Kaluza team when I try colloring the plots to look alike flowjo facs analysis the program collapses everytime and show this error message thanks Douglas
  6. It might be a silly question, but I have a perpetual licence and I need a link to update my kaluza to the 1.5 version.
  7. Hi , I'd like to know if kaluza has a function to control the number of events to dysplay like Summit or cxp. I wonder that because, as the software allows you to play a litle with the time,, I thought we could set a limit of cell dysplay. It would be very confortable for instance, when you have to compare gross tissue because its almost impossible to have a clear idea of what you have before carefull analysis and then in many cases I discover that some samples have 2-3 times more cells read than some others and it gets hard to convince people at a first look of your dot plots even though the percentages show the result. Thank you very much Douglas
  8. I have a perpetual license, Would I be able to pay for an upgrade when you do thator I would have to buy another license?
  9. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to do contour plots with more layers in kaluza. Likewise If you have those options like equal probability and other distribution possibilities you once had in your old summit software Thanks douglas
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