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  1. Hi, All. I just stumbled upon this topic while looking for a way to close applications using the Run Program step within the Biomek Software. The Biomek Software can't execute taskkill.exe directly, but it can use taskkill when run from a .bat file. Here's the contents of the .bat file that I'm using to close SoftMax Pro and the SILAS module that controls it: taskkill /IM SoftMaxProApp.exe /T /F >nultaskkill /IM SoftMaxProModule.exe /T /F >nul In the Run Program step, this option must be selected: When the program is started:Allow the method to continue independently
  2. Hello, Ampl^nth. Your message appears to have just posted today. If you haven't already found a solution, you should design the labware as a Titerplate. Reply if you need more help, and I can generate an .imp file for you. Cheers!
  3. Hi, Anne. Have you tried using a leading air gap to blow out the excess liquid from your tips?
  4. Hi, all, Have you used a BlueWasher? This is a centrifugation-based plate washer that just received a New Product Award at SLAS2015. In theory, this should be great for improving ELISA performance, but I'm not very familiar with integrating 3rd party hardware for use with Biomek. Thanks!
  5. Ah, thanks, Ernie! Also, I can confirm that uninstalling .NET 1.1 on a computer with .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.5.1 breaks Biomek Software 3.3.14, which strictly requires .NET 1.1. Sorry for my earlier confusion!
  6. Hi, Ernie, Is this just a Windows problem, or is it related to the robot software? Biomek Software 3.3.14 requires Microsoft .NET 1.1 for installation, but, once installed, can the Biomek Software use a higher version of .NET (such as .NET 4)? In this case, could .NET 1.1 be removed after installation of the Biomek Software? Thanks!
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