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  1. I‘m sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with your Kaluza license. With respect to the free trial license, at any time during or after the free trial you should be able to Manage License … -> Change -> Select a license type. Could you share some more details with us at kaluza@beckman.com, please? I‘d like to know: - The software version you are using (Kaluza C, the CE-IVD version, will not work with a Kaluza Analysis Dongle and vice versa) - The license type, i.e. single user, network -> I can look it up if you share the serial number, you‘ll find this on a little sticker on the dongle - the Windows version of the computer where the dongle is not working
  2. The boards we have validated for the current Kaluza version are indicated above. I realize that these boards are obsolete by now. We are working on addressing this, however, nVidia is obsoleting their boards faster than we can validate at this point. Beckman Coulter has not validated any other boards other than the 3 listed above. It is possible to use other boards with CUDA 7.5 or higher by opening Kaluza using the command line switch /CUDA. CUDA is a proprietary format developed by nVIDIA, so currently Kaluza is limited to their GPUs. Note that Beckman Coulter has not established any performance claims for Kaluza in combination with any processors and GPUs other than the ones indicated in the IFU. To use the /CUDA command line switch, create a new shortcut for the Kaluza icon, enter the Properties dialog and add /CUDA to the Target path.
  3. Hi Jesus, it's not quite clear to me if you are asking about running Kaluza as Administrator in the context of installing plugins or if you are refering to the user management, so let me answer for both cases. 1) To install plugins in Kaluza Analysis software, you must be logged into Kaluza Analysis as an Administrator. to do so, select the Windows start button and right click the Kaluza icon. Select More and select Run as administrator. If you are using the User Management feature in Kaluza, enter your established Username and Password into the login window (Figure 2.1) and then click Login, as specified in the Kaluza Analysis Flow Cytometry Software Instructions for Use (PN C10986, available for download on beckman.com - just search for the PN). 2) If your question is about giving your Kaluza user account admin rights, you (or the current admin) need to login to an account with Administrator rights in Kaluza, select the account in the upper right corner, select user management, select your user account from the list, select modify, set the Role to Administrator and select OK. You can also get in touch directly with our Kaluza Tech Support team by submitting your questions here: https://www.beckman.com/flow-cytometry/software/kaluza/troubleshooting
  4. Hi ChrisK, I'm not aware that we have received any reports about this before. One work around would be to link the gates: right click on the gate in the second plot, select "Data" (the numeric keypad icon), select "Link To Gates..." and select the desired gate and data sets where the position is correct from the list. Depending on your workflow it could also make sense to establish the gating on one data set, copy the protocol to all other data sets and only then create a Composite or try the batch analysis functionality. If you could provide a bit more information, e.g. the instrument the files were acquired on, ideally anonymized exemplary data files and Kaluza log files to kaluza@beckman.com I'd be happy to take a look and see if we can identify what's going on. Nicole
  5. Version 2.1.2 of Kaluza Analysis softwware is now available for download from https://www.beckman.com/flow-cytometry/software/kaluza/downloads. This version: - Enables printing after Windows NET.framework updates and for network spooled printers. - Prevents unexpected scale mode changes between Legacy and Full Range scale mode. - Increases limit for number of plots per sheet from 200 to 256 to enable Add All Plots functionality for CytoFLEX LX data with 21 fluorescence parameters.
  6. Hi Dmitrij, for a given data set Kaluza will force you to have unique gate names, which means that the only way to keep the same gate name is to paste the plot as linked. This way, you are creating a duplicate of the whole plot and any changes to axes or the gate will automatically be applied to both. You will have some ability to uniquely customize the individual plots with respect to statistical results shown, display settings etc. If you are looking for a way to apply the same gating strategy to multiple files, the workflow steps to achieve this are as follows: - Load desired number of files into Kaluza Analysis list - Build protocol with desired gating strategy on first file - Select the first file in the Analysis List, right click and select "Copy" - Select all other files in the Analysis List, right click and select "Paste Special" -> "Protocol" (alternatively, you can also drag and drop the New Protocol 1 in the Protocol column of the Analysis list). The gate name for any given population will now be the same across all data sets. - To be able to view data from different data sets next to each other, select the desired data sets and select "Add selected to new Composite". In the new Composite the plot and report sheets for the individual files will be retained but you can use cut + paste to get them onto one sheet. Nicole
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