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  1. Following on from the issue above, how do we change the protocol scaling mode in BATCH mode - there is no option to change this.
  2. The K40 Tesla card is now EOL. I have been asked for a suitable replacement and have been advised that the P4 would be a suitable option. Has anyone tried any other Tesla card such as the P40 or V100? Power is required to analyse 10-20 million events in very complex protocols Any experience of any of these cards would be appreciated Thanks!
  3. Thankyou. I posted the same question yesterday as I failed to see the question was already posted. Many thanks
  4. Hi When a LMD file from the Gallios is played into a composite in Kaluza 1.5a (and Kaluza 2.0), the log scale axis for a dot plot is 0....10^3...10^4...10^5...10^6. on both axis. The display max is 1,048,576. This log display also happens if the LMD file is played into a new Kaluza protocol However when the LMD file is viewed as a single LMD file using the acquisition protocol from the Gallios, the log scale for the same dot plot the log scales axis is 0...10^0...10^1....10^2...10^3. The display max default is 1,024.0000 How do we match the log display axis with the LMD file displayed in the Gallios acquisition protocol and when the same LMD file is played back through a composite or a new Kaluza protocol? The display max is quite different between the two. The number of displayed decades is 4 for both scenarios and making adjustments to the display max and decades does not allow the displays to look the same Thanks!
  5. I am exporting a CSV file from Kaluza 1.5a from both the stats and Info PLot to a folder on a network drive. This data is then used to transfer results to an LIS system The SAMPLE ID 1 from the Gallios displays as ="1234567" in the Excel cell from the CSV file. Is there a way to remove the speech marks (" ") from the cell formula so that just the sample ID number is displayed? Thanks
  6. Hi Ernie A question for you - thought I would put this on the forum for the benefit of others. It has been noted that the computer specs on the website are outdated. The hospital currently uses Lenovo as its preferred supplier. Would you be able to find out if any if the current models has equivalent specifications to the model recommended (i.e. Lenovo S30 with Tesla C1060/2050)? Thanks Maree
  7. Thanks Ernie Have checked all 3 perpetual dongles as suggested above in both USB ports and can see them all. They all record as perpetual. However still getting the 11009 error message when I open Kaluza - says the dongle is expired? Cheers Maree
  8. I have a new computer and have installed Kaluza 1.5a. Unfortunately Kaluza no longer recognizes my perpetual dongles - says it has expired so I am assuming that I need to update the software to the dongle? Cheers M
  9. Is there a way to remove the Data Set name that appears automatically on the top of the Report page when printed to paper or PDF? Customer is using Kaluza 1.5a Thanks Maree
  10. Hi Ernie Some questions that have come up 1. How can you name the Stats file with e.g SAMPLEID when you export it? From what I can see the file is labeled as Statistic.csv and Info.csv 2. Is there a limit to the number of Boolean gates you can have. I have seen an issue where there appears to be a limit to the number of colours you can have? 3. It would be good to have the ability to have "IF" within the equations so that an out of range result can be flagged? Thanks M
  11. Hi - I am posting this on behalf of my customer who is asking the following questions_ We currently have Kaluza 1.3 on perpetual licence which we are able to access via VPN: 1. Can you please confirm that version 1.5 will also be able to access via VPN? 2. Network Licence - is it also possible to access via VPN? Tesla Card Options: We routinely analyse a composite of 5 files of up to 200Mb for each file. We are in the process of upgrading our computers so would like to know the details of the 2 different tesla card options detailed on the BC website for Kaluza 1.5. Thanks, Maree
  12. I have been asked if the new i5 or i7 core processors will avoid the need for a Tesla card when running 2-3 million events in Kaluza 1.3. Secondly, when will there be a software licence key rather than the current dongle Cheers Maree
  13. If I have a Report Sheet of multiple pages, how can I print just a single page from that Report Sheet? There does not seem to be an option to do this in the PRINT action - printers, within Kaluza. Perhaps I need to create a PDF and then print the required page from the PDF Maree
  14. Can you help with the following An LMD file is acquired on the Navios with compensation settings for acquisition. These compensation settings are saved with in the FCS file with the LMD file. If I then apply new compensation settings in Kaluza to the same LMD file, how can I then "attach" these settings to the LMD file? Can I record the compensation settings in Kaluza in Excel or a QC file? This is for file review so I can see from a printout/report where the compensation settings came from Hope this makes sense Maree
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