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  1. There are three points of failure here, potentially. The first is that you didn't set the Run Program step to "Hold the resource until the program completes", or that your resource wasn't sufficient. For easy testing purposes, I'd recommend using the "Block all method activity", to rule those out. If that was the problem, then you can use "Hold the resource" and determine which resource is appropriate for you. It will likely be the position that you are using for the Big Bear, but you have a bit of lee-way there. The other possibility is that your batch file isn't actually waiting for a response from the shaker to complete. You'll probably want to use the Mode command to wait for the shaker to respond that it is complete. Depending on the protocol, you may have to have the batch file wait 1 second repeatedly and "poll" (ask ) the device for completion. Of course, other easy solution is to send the shake command, and then use the "pause" step to delay the position for 120 seconds, or whatever is appropriate. This will work, though, since you aren't talking to the device during the delay, you're not going to get errors back. Doug
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