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  4. Hi Jesus, it's not quite clear to me if you are asking about running Kaluza as Administrator in the context of installing plugins or if you are refering to the user management, so let me answer for both cases. 1) To install plugins in Kaluza Analysis software, you must be logged into Kaluza Analysis as an Administrator. to do so, select the Windows start button and right click the Kaluza icon. Select More and select Run as administrator. If you are using the User Management feature in Kaluza, enter your established Username and Password into the login window (Figure 2.1) and the
  5. Can you say me, how change of my user to admin?
  6. Hi ChrisK, I'm not aware that we have received any reports about this before. One work around would be to link the gates: right click on the gate in the second plot, select "Data" (the numeric keypad icon), select "Link To Gates..." and select the desired gate and data sets where the position is correct from the list. Depending on your workflow it could also make sense to establish the gating on one data set, copy the protocol to all other data sets and only then create a Composite or try the batch analysis functionality. If you could provide a bit more information, e.g. t
  7. Version 2.1.2 of Kaluza Analysis softwware is now available for download from https://www.beckman.com/flow-cytometry/software/kaluza/downloads. This version: - Enables printing after Windows NET.framework updates and for network spooled printers. - Prevents unexpected scale mode changes between Legacy and Full Range scale mode. - Increases limit for number of plots per sheet from 200 to 256 to enable Add All Plots functionality for CytoFLEX LX data with 21 fluorescence parameters.
  8. Hi Dmitrij, for a given data set Kaluza will force you to have unique gate names, which means that the only way to keep the same gate name is to paste the plot as linked. This way, you are creating a duplicate of the whole plot and any changes to axes or the gate will automatically be applied to both. You will have some ability to uniquely customize the individual plots with respect to statistical results shown, display settings etc. If you are looking for a way to apply the same gating strategy to multiple files, the workflow steps to achieve this are as follows: - Load de
  9. Hi, Is it possible to have the plots not be linked to each other but still keep their names, after copying? Best, Dmitrij
  10. Hello everyone, ich currently have the problem in Kaluza (v2.1) that sometimes when im copying gates from one graph to another that the gate is not at the same position in the other graph but around the value 0 (see image below). The type and scaling of the axes are the same in both graphs. I have also often had the case that I could copy one graph correctly but then suddenly the second one was no longer correct. Does anyone know the problem or a solution to the problem? Thanks a lot
  11. I apologize for the delayed response. You can use non-Tesla NVidia boards, but you have to pass the /CUDA command line switch to the software when it's started. Bear in mind that when you use a video board for computation that you're sharing the board's RAM. Kaluza won't use more than 4GB of RAM, so if your board has enough RAM for the display at your chosen settings and still has 4GB left over then there's no compromise. If there isn't 4GB of RAM left over, then the file size that Kaluza can use may be limited. You can use the About Box in the software to see if your CUDA board has been
  12. Asking this question again, why can't Kaluza-G at least be made compatible with microsoft.net 4.8? Our OIT folks refuse to stop updating it, so we are now having to uninstall 4.8 weekly, and sometimes more often. We can't take it off the system in these COVID times, most of our users are remotely operating the equipment.
  13. Regarding supported Cuda GPU models. In the Presentation from 2012: https://on-demand.gputechconf.com/gtc/2012/presentations/S0638-Lenovo-Thinkstation-Accelerates-Medical-Research.pdf You show different Lenovo Models and Nvidia in a PDF. Since then we do not find any information about supported cards. The GPU cards mentioned in the actual manual are all EOL since a few years. How about the "Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000 8GB" which HP ships with their Z2 and Z4 workstations with G4 Modells. A little more info for such expensive software would be the least a customer could
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